Journey to the Centre of The Earth

by | Sep 29, 2023

By Rhylee Nowell

Go on a delicious treat of a Journey with Innes Lloyd

So, I’m going preface this with I am a huge fan of Innes Lloyd. They always bring me so much joy.

And Journey to the Centre of the Earth is no different.

A delightful romp from beginning to end, Innes Lloyd are a powerhouse of fun, laughs with the bonus touch of vaudeville and physical comedy.

The dynamic duo, David  Innes and Robert Lloyd have the audience in the palm of their hand from beginning to end, with their sense of humour, impeccable timing and stage craft. They frolic through this wonderful tribute with great pop culture references, an excellent flip chart as a guide, toe tapping song and dance numbers, and in true Innes Lloyd fashion, their fun facts section, what really shines through is the fun they are having themselves, doing what they love. That fun and joy is infectious and takes you on a magnificent ride.

With such eye- catching action on stage, what is also a highlight is the on point and seamless sound and effects cues so it would be remiss of me not to give a shout out to Jaklene Vukasinovic, tech designer and operator extraordinaire.

Adding to this adventure are some wonderful tunes from regular Innes Lloyd musical collaborators Christian Bizzari and Matthew Hadgraft that only add more magic to this show.

I must also mention the scene stealer, Gertrude. I’m not sure if this is her first time on stage, but she is a future star to keep an eye out for.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a roller coaster of laughs, a magnificent adventure and an absolute treat.

So, join the Journey and go on the latest Innes Lloyd adventure. You won’t regret it!

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is now on at The Butterfly Club, Carson Place, Melbourne until Saturday 30 September 2023


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