MICF – Bang On Live with Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe

by | Apr 17, 2024

By George Dixon

One of the Hottest Melbourne Comedy Festival shows for 2014 is undoubtedly,Bang On Live, presented by Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe.

I had absolutely no idea what Bang On was all about, so I was intrigued by the hundreds of people who had arrived at the Melbourne Town Hall to see this show.

Sure, Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe are both well-known, and there was no doubt that whatever they produced was going to be amazing and funny.

I must have been living under a rock, or at least a podcast rock.

Bang On is a Double J weekly (Thursdays) podcast that started in 2017 and currently has around 73,000 monthly listeners. With such a following, it’s no wonder this show is so popular.   The venue is certainly large enough, with a seating capacity of around 90%.

Bang On Live is a live experience of a typical podcast. The performance is unique from their regular review of the week’s events and sets its focus on the events over the past couple of days.

Rowe and Warhurst receive a rock star’s welcome as they come on stage. Rowe is wearing a stylish pink suit, and Warhurst is wearing an orange dress outfit, both highlighting a pair of trendy Crocks, which generates some hilarious comments.

The atmosphere is electric with excitement and anticipation. The hot welcome is reciprocated with humility and warm affection.

Introductions were stylish, with a show of hands to indicate the many fans of the podcast, along with the sprinkling of hands of the newcomers, who were tagged as “plus ones.”

The lounge room’s conversational style between Rowe and Warhurst is completely natural, with the occasional comments and feedback from the audience, making one feel that you are included in the discussions.

The production is fast paced, as expected within a podcast or radio presentation, with no dead spots. The transition between segments becomes seamless.

Various current entertainment-related news of the past two days came into focus: the more outrageous, the better.  With only a run sheet, the bulk of comments are unscripted.

The key segments of the podcast were included, with a musical element from a mystery guest; today’s guest was Myf’s older brother Kit Warhurst, a talented singer/songwriter in his own right.

A little chat about family holidays in Glenelg, South Australia, as an introduction to a song that Kit had written, about the time Myf was too short for the height restriction to take a solo ride, which resulted in both of them having to share a tandem unit, it was not what they expected but a lot of fun anyway. Kit paints a superb word picture of an event that leaves the audience in stitches.

Later on, a second special guest is introduced, Joel Creasey pops in for a little cosy chat. Creasey is welcomed by a very enthusiastic audience, clapping, whistling and squeals of delight.

Apart from some cross-promotion of shows (it is the Melbourne Comedy Festival, after all)

Creasey settles down and chats about his and Myf’s encounters hosting Eurovision and the difficulties of having to present “live on air” while positioned on a makeshift scaffold sound booth that required ladder access; such are the many perks of international presentations.

While it may have been a horror aspect that no one tells you about, it defiantly makes for roll-on-the-floor comedy when re-told by the pair.

The highlight and final element of the show is the signature segment, “faarshun” 

This is an irreverent review of some of the most outrageous and outlandishly expensive fashion items and accessories. For the live show, the segment is extended with an impromptu runway exhibition of the items displayed as cheaper Knockoffs.

There’s a rush of volunteer models who happily ham up their presentation to the delight of the audience.

After the show, Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe make themselves available to sign Bang On merchandise, which allows diehard fans the opportunity to get close and personal with the artists.

For the many fans, Bang On Live is a bucket list must-do event; it provides the opportunity for them to enjoy the experience of being there as if it’s an actual podcast. No doubt, the experience will help their visualisation when listening.

For that, the show does not disappoint.

For the plus ones who have never heard of Bang On, the comedy and entertainment value is high, with enough segments and pace to make the show interesting and entertaining; you may even decide to check out the actual podcast for some light-hearted comedy relief.

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