Die Roten Punkte Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

by | Apr 18, 2023

By George Dixon

This amazingly high-energy multi-awarded stand-out comedy is a not to be missed show that ticks all the right boxes.

Otto and Astrid have been professionally performing their unique style of musical comedy since 2008.

It’s very clear that they have a very strong cult following.

This “Brother and Sister” team have a long history of unresolved issues that tend to spill out as the night continues.

The Joint Solo project is a continuation of the musical, artistic differences centred around which songs should be featured on the new album.

The unresolved differences has reached the point of a Joint simultaneous “solo” project.

Otto,  plays the straight and talented guitarist and songwriter singer, provides the comic relief to his sister Astrid who portrays a larger-than-life, loud drummer, songwriter, singer and whose cutting remarks are so reminiscent of stereotypical sibling rivalry.

Some of the comedy is understood through the very witty dialogue, while others are demonstrated through over-the-top actions and reactions.

To add a third dimension to the performance, the audience responses to the musical competitiveness and drama were outstanding.

Otto’s clown facial expressions and mannerisms, adds depth to the character, with the straight presentation of his ill-placed lyrics, the whole thing becomes totally hilarious.

Even the song titles, such as Something New, I Wanna Be Your Kitten, My Future

Astrid, not to be outdone, is perfect in her one-upmanship, even to the point of her manipulation of the audience, which is really delightful and very funny.

Likewise, Astrid follows Otto with song choices such as Sandwiches in Heaven, Shoosh Now, Tasty Snak and Being Myself.

Both Otto and Astrid are excellent performers and singers in their own right; this and the smooth execution of the dialogue, which is seamless, enhances the experience.

They are masters of their craft; the skill of execution and the hilarious comedic elements from many levels makes this production a must-see bucket list show.

As with any Rock performer, Otto and Astrid have produced separate merchandise t-shirts,

that are only available after the show and sold in typical tradition by the artists.

Everyone left the performance with huge smiles of satisfaction. The merchandise is a fantastically designed item, which is guaranteed to bring back happy memories of the wonderful production.

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