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After taking Australia by storm with People Are Gonna Lose It & The People Have Lost It Tours, Vlad is back with his follow-up tour and third show CATASTROPHA! Welcome to the rabbit hole of culture, ethnic traditions versus Aussie life, modern-day problems, and marriage! My Cousin Vlad makes a triumphant return to Australian stages with his new show and all the tools Vlad’s audience loves. CATASTROPHA brings projectors, guitars, sketches, punchlines, and deep philosophies all wrapped up in a suit and a pair of sunnies!

Read on to spend 5 minutes with comedian, My Cousin Vlad

– what was the inspiration for the show and what is it about this show that you consider to be enduing

Its almost the Trilogy part of my previous 2 tours, escalating it to title Catastropha (Catastrophe in my language) – inspired by the times we have been experiencing over the past 5-10 years. The show goes into topics covering culture, society, social media, modern day love, marriage, Ethics Vs Aussies, Kids & getting old. I slipped a disc out putting a DVD disc in to the Playstation…, irony too. 

– how would you describe the show to someone who knew very little about it 

Social commentary from an Aussie born ethnic, with twists of ethnic family life, social media mania and madness, original songs + parody songs (LIVE), the future compared to the past, mistakes and personal pain wrapped up in a suit, sunglasses and long flickering hair. 

– what are some of the themes involved and why are these important

Society, Fame, Influencers, Family, Values, Marriage, Friends : these are what everyone experiences and the only topics I find interesting to unravel.

– has the show been modified for Fringe and, if so, why was this something that had to happen and how was it decided what the new show would look like

Not modified, its amplified and more immaculate. Lights, cameras, music, action! 

– what excites you the most about appearing live – what keeps the fire in the belly burring

The laughs and then meeting the Vladiators after the show, they make me laugh more than I can them. Its always positive and fun, I also like getting away for a few days from the wife and kids, I think they like it too. 

– what sort of artist do you consider yourself – how would you describe yourself as a creative

I suppose I’ve never really fit into any box, and not by  choice, I’ve truly tried, I just keep falling out. I love music, I love making people laugh and. I love making people think. I try to keep it stupid, philosophical, smart & dumb but fun. I write music, I write comedy, I’m writing this email. 

– who inspires you and why

Not many people inspire me any more than I try to keep myself inspired by working on this, and I think of my loving kids and it keeps me on the straight and narrow more, instead of drifting off into a Catastropha again. That being said, I am hungover today. 

– what is next for you

National Tour CATASTROPHA – playing Australias biggest theatre Palais Theatre, then Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Brisbane, Vladelaide & Perth

– and finally, what would you say to encourage audiences to attend

If you like to laugh and think and then go home in 75 mins, come along to the Catastropha Tour, I’m not going to sell it to you as I quit real estate 3 years ago and also, it’ll probably be sold out anyway. See you there (if there are tickets left) 

A favorite of Sushi Mango, Vlad is Australia’s answer to Weird Al Yankovic with old school comedy that’s Wogs Out of Work meets Fast Forward with a modern day Australian lens. Vlad delivers new music, parodies, sketches, stand-up comedy and unexpected surprises. 



National Tour

7 October – 10 November, 2023



Saturday 7th October, 7.30pm

Tickets $41.00


The Palais

Friday 13th October, 7.00pm

Tickets $57.36


Canberra Theatre Centre, Courtyard Studio

Friday 21st October, 7.30pm

Tickets $45.00

The Factory Theatre

Thursday 26th October, 7.00pm

Tickets $45.80


The Rhino Room

Saturday 4th November, 7.00pm

Tickets $47.09


Newcastle Comedy Club

Saturday 28th  October, 6.00pm

Tickets $32.15


The Sit Down Comedy Club

Thursday 9th November, 8.00pm

Tickets $40.00


Brisbane Hotel

Friday 10th November, 8.30pm

Tickets $43.06


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