Nicolette Minster’s Net Worth is Worthy

by | Apr 21, 2023

According to NetWorthRanks, Nicolette Minster is a 6ft, 30-year-old worth $15mil. Except she’s not. She’s a 38-year-old who shops in the same Woolies she used to work at and whose career highlight was starring (featuring) alongside Meryl Streep at age three.

But what if the bot generated Nicolette is living the life that was meant for… well… Nicolette?

Net Worth is Who Do You Think You Are? meets 90s blockbuster The Net in a story about online alter egos and sliding into the DMs of complete strangers.

Read on for Nicolette’s take on writing, comedy and show.

– How would you describe this show to someone who knows very little about it.

It’s a little bit storytelling, a little bit stand up and a lot bit identity crisis after discovering that the internet thinks you should be worth $15 million dollars when you’re absolutely not.

– What makes it stand out and why should people see it

If you’ve ever googled yourself or had the inclination to do so then this show is for you. It can be a slippery slope into deep dark click hole, so let me take the hit for you and consider Net Worth a (very funny) cautionary tale. Plus, Net Worth is the only show that guarantees you’ll leave as an entirely different person. That’s worth the ticket price alone.

– How long was the process form idea to writing to stage – Any challenges along the way

Given that Net Worth includes a delicious anecdote from when I worked with Meryl Streep (yes, THE Meryl Streep) as a three year old, technically you could say I’ve been working on it since 1987. But the real journey began in May 2022 when I stumbled across an alternate version of myself online. From there I worked pretty hard to convince friend and colleague Sammy J to support, provoke and ultimately direct the show. Fortunately, that was easier than anticipated…just.

– What attracts you to comedy?

The job security. The superannuation. The working conditions. And the awkward conversations I have about career aspirations I have with my pelvic health physio whilst she’s adjusting my tailbone…from the inside.

– What style of comedy interests you the most and why do you think this is

Anything that leaves the audience better off than when they arrived is of great interest to me. I’m also partial to a well crafted slideshow, expertly timed sound effects and a fart joke.

– Who would you say have been your biggest inspirations

John Oliver, for the razor sharp satire. Kitty Flanagan, for the cutting honesty and playfulness. And Meryl Streep, for providing me with an anecdote that I’ve been throwing around since 1987.

– What are three things that would surprise people to learn about you

I’ve never been to Wet n’ Wild on the Gold Coast. I have a passionate dislike for Mac n’ Cheese. My favourite chip flavour is Light n’ Tangy. (I’m also a sucker for branding that isn’t afraid to kick “and” to the curb in favour of “n”).

– What comes after the MICF and touring for you

Net Worth is on its way to Sydney from May 4 – 7 then it’s at least a week of bed rest with my two year old and all the episodes of Bluey he can consume (which is A LOT) before getting back on the story machine (which is what he calls my laptop… so wholesome).

Nicolette Minster is a Melbourne based comedian and writer, best known for her work as a cast member and writer on KINNE Tonight (Network Ten) and Sammy J (ABC).

For Nicolette’s upcoming Sydney season info:

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