Stewart Reeve’s Chameleon – A show not to be missed

by | Jun 28, 2023

Stewart Reeve, star of the hit show Rebel, returns to the Melbourne stage this July with his award-winning one-man show, Chameleon.

Catering to all ages, Chameleon is a family friendly event and a great way for music-loving parents to introduce their children to all the amazing musicians of yesteryear through a fantastic live performance.

The show emerged from Reeve’s journey of self-discovery and deep connection with music, sounds, and the diverse characters he’s encountered in his career and personal life. Created in 2020, the show, says Reeve, holds profound personal significance, enabling him to express vulnerabilities, forge connections, and blend the power of storytelling with immersive elements of music, comedy, and sound.

Chameleon is a show that spans decades of hit songs and unique celebrity voices from Frank-N-Furter to Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, Simply Red, Macy Gray, Tones and I, and many more.

“Choosing the songs for the show was a careful process,” says Reeve who thought about the story and feelings he wanted to convey and then picked songs that fit those ideas. “I also had to make sure I could recreate that sound with my voice and make it believable for the audience. I considered how the lyrics, melodies, and emotions of each song would work together to create a good experience for the audience. The songs I chose represent a mix of personal meaning, fitting the themes of the show, and making people feel connected to the story.”

Reeve’s goal is for audiences to leave the show feeling connected and inspired to be themselves. “I want the show to make us think about who we are and how we can grow,” he says. “Let’s have conversations about being true to ourselves and becoming better individuals.”

With a critically-acclaimed career that has seen him perform in major venues and festivals across the country, Reeve always knew he wanted to be a performer because it made him happy to perform and make people smile.

Reeve says his heroes have changed a lot over time, but they’re always people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and do things differently. When it comes to music, it really depends on how he feels. “Sometimes I like pop and other times I’m into rock. It just depends on my mood.”

And thus, like a Chameleon, the show (and Reeve himself) is constantly changing and evolving.

“It adapts to new experiences, insights, and inspirations, ensuring each performance remains fresh and dynamic. This ongoing evolution adds an exciting and unpredictable element, allowing the show to surprise the audience and myself continuously.”

Since the start of the 2023 tour, the show has experienced several changes to the music and stories. Just as a Chameleon adapts its colours to its surroundings, the show embraces growth and transformation, making each iteration a unique and captivating experience.

A night of joyous self-discovery, celebration, and fun for the whole family, Chameleon runs for three shows only at the iconic Gasworks Theatre in Albert Park but Reeve is really excited about the idea of going on more tours in the future. “It would be amazing to take my show to different cities and connect with all kinds of people around the world. I’m open to whatever opportunities come my way,” he says.

Chameleon is a true highlight on the Victorian Arts Calendar – not to be missed!

Says Reeve, “Support the arts! Take a break from the TV or your phone for just an hour. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a live performance. Be part of the magic, support creativity, and experience the joy of live entertainment.”

July 27 – 29

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