Fever103 Theatre – the last train to madeline

by | May 31, 2024

“One day I’ll look out my window and you’ll be standing in my driveway. You’ll be standing in my driveway and you’ll be home.”

It’s a sweltering small-town summer in Wangaratta when eight year olds Maddy and Luke first meet. Maddy is convinced of two things: her dad is a famous rockstar and if she travels the world long enough she’ll eventually find him.

At 17, bored with the monotony of small town life and heady with first love, Maddy plans the pair’s escape to Melbourne.

At 23, Luke– who hasn’t seen Maddy in six years– has built a comfortable life for himself in Wangaratta. But when she appears unannounced in his driveway one evening, the pair are swept back together in a storm of adolescent nostalgia and their former selves, wondering where they have been without each other and where they are going next.

A stunning new Australian play from award-winning playwright Callum Mackay, the last train to madeline propels its audience back to the nostalgias of first love, the complexities of friendship and the sadness of letting go. Backed by a ‘So Fresh’ soundtrack that defined a generation and spanning the most formative years of all your lives, acclaimed independent company Fever103 Theatre brings its signature brand of visually poetic storytelling to this story of a magical world of adolescence and suburban dreams.

Tackling the unique challenge of following Maddy and Luke through ages eight, seventeen, and twenty-three, performers Ruby Maishman (Romeo & Juliet, Bell Shakespeare) and Eddie Orton (37, MTC) bring the two-hander to life.

June 18 – 29


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