Sun Rise, The Story Of The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

by | May 30, 2024

Chapel Off Chapel presents



Sat 15 June
Starring Zoy Frangos


Chapel Off Chapel is proud to present Sun Rise, The Story Of The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, starring the acclaimed Greek-Indigenous theatre star Zoy Frangos.

This spectacular show will take audiences on a thrilling journey through the life and music of Elvis Presley, the legendary King of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Sun Rise captures the magic of Elvis Presley’s career, from his rockabilly beginnings at Sun Studio to his iconic Las Vegas shows. Featuring over 20 electrifying live renditions of Elvis’s greatest hits, Zoy Frangos and his sensational band will transport audiences back in time to experience the power and passion of Elvis’s music.

Zoy Frangos’s journey to becoming one of Australia’s most captivating musical theatre performers is nothing short of inspiring. Originally from regional Victoria, Zoy’s dreams of being an Olympic sprinter were dashed by injury, but this setback revealed his hidden talent – a magnificent voice. Now, Frangos is celebrated for his powerful tenor and dynamic performances.

Zoy’s story is a testament to resilience and talent. Growing up as a Greek-Indigenous boy in Ballarat, Zoy struggled to fit in, but found solace and inspiration in music and film. His ability to connect deeply with his heritage and experiences has shaped his unique storytelling approach in Sun Rise.

‘Elvis has always fascinated me, he came from nothing and was the original Rock Star, and like many of the greats he didn’t confine himself to the conventional rules of ’type’. He would sing rock, gospel, country, soul, opera. Dynamic, sexy, raw and captivating, he was an incredible showman and came alive onstage, and what a voice! I can never be Elvis, no one can! But I can live onstage in his music and celebrate his legacy.’

‘I suffered a career ending injury when I was just starting to really hum as a national level 400m runner. I needed an outlet and I found I could sing, unlike sprinting, where I was never going to be a Usain Bolt, I had a natural voice and surprised myself with how much material I could sing. I dived into it with the intensity I did as an athlete, I had a lot of catching up to do! That’s where I discovered a kinship with Elvis, he helped me find my own sound through his music.’

Experience the legacy of Elvis Presley like never before through the incredible talent of Zoy Frangos.



Sun Rise, The Story Of The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

Date: Saturday 15 June
Time: 7.30pm

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