Sydney Comedy Festival – Alexandra Hudson

by | Feb 29, 2024

Alexandra believes that if society thinks of her as a lemon, she may as well use them to make herself some sweet lemonade. Alexandra explores her experiences as a disabled woman and challenges the misconceptions held about her.

 How would you describe the show to someone who knows very little about it?

Loads of funny personal anecdotes from my ordinary disabled life, and what I really think about the perceptions of me and the disabled experience. It is 50ish minutes packed full of dark disabled humour, not for the sighers.

What sets your show apart from others appearing at this year’s SCF, and why should audiences see it?

I’m unapologetic in my approach but will always leave you with big laughs.

What about your show are you most proud of?

That I get give insight into my disabled experience and show off my disabled pride. I’ve managed to make something most people don’t wish to understand, funny and relatable.

Who or what was the inspiration for the show?

A 2016 episode of SBS Insight, a very interesting piece of Queensland legislation and the attitudes that contribute.

How long was the process from idea to writing to stage? Any challenges along the way?

I’ve ruminated on this show, long before I was a comedian. Comedy has allowed me the space to bring all these ideas and experiences to life.

The biggest difficulty is working out the big ideas in front of audiences that don’t share an understanding of my experiences (I.e. having to perform in largely inaccessible open mic rooms to mostly non-disabled people).

What attracts you to comedy and how long have you been involved?

That I can share my experiences and insights, on my terms. I’ve been doing it for about 3.5 years. And I get to make people a little uncomfy in their seats as, payback for making me uncomfy in the streets.

Who would you say have been your biggest inspirations?

The feeling of being misunderstood and overlooked a drive to change the tired and sad disabled narrative that’s pushed on us. The overwhelming urge to make fun how low the bar is for us.

What are three things that would surprise people to learn about you?

I enjoy walking, even though I still feel like I am learning, and that I don’t live at home with parents (seriously).

What comes after the SCF for you?

A Brisbane and Perth run, and possibly an Edinburgh Fringe run, eeee. And working out how to change a piece of legislation. If any Queensland law experts want to get in touch? Hahaha

Alexandra Hudson took joint first place in RAW Comedy in 2022 and was a 2023 Comedy Zone cast member.

Alexandra Hudson – Factory Theatre Wednesday 15 May & Friday 17 May

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