The Improv Pit Presents Hollywouldn’t for Melbourne Comedy Festival

by | Mar 27, 2024

Action! But not as you have seen it before! The Improv Pit will deliver a night of laughter and creativity as they proudly present “Holly-Wouldn’t – Movies Made Up!”. Taking place at The Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood, this one-of-a-kind comedy event brings together the spontaneity of improvisation with the magic of filmmaking to create a brand-new movie right before your eyes. With each performance being unique, audiences can expect a fresh and unforgettable experience every time they attend.

The show is led by a talented ensemble cast of Australia’s most experienced Improvisers including Damien Vosk who will also present “Woo Woo” at the festival. “Holly-Wouldn’t” begins with a simple suggestion from the audience, setting the stage for creating an entirely improvised movie. From genre to plot twists, character motivations to dramatic moments, camera angles, and director’s commentary, everything unfolds in real-time, fuelled by the quick wit and comedic timing of the performers.

“This show is a rollercoaster of hilarity as you watch a movie being made right in front of your eyes, except there’s no script and anything can happen!”

Whether you’re a fan of comedy, or cinema, or just looking for a night of non-stop laughter, “Holly-Wouldn’t” makes the movies Hollywood would never have the guts to no matter how weird and wonderful! The show promises to deliver an entertainment experience like no other. With each scene building upon the last, audiences will find themselves swept away in a whirlwind of hilarity, suspense, and unexpected twists.

About The Improv Pit:

The Improv Pit has been around for 6 years, and is Australia’s fastest-growing Improv company showcasing the best and brightest talent in comedy. The ensemble has trained at such comedy institutions as iO (Chicago), Second City (LA & Chicago), UCB (LA), Groundlings (LA) and The Annoyance Theatre (Chicago).

This show is a new take on the Chicago Long Form Improvisational comedy format known as “The Movie.” This show will take an audience prompt and create three master scenes. From there the narrative will play out along with all the camera angles, budget CGI and all the wit a staged version of these films has to offer. It is not like traditional improvisational shows you may have seen in the past such as “Who’s Line is it Anyway” or “Thank God You’re Here” as it is inspired by long-form improvisation. Long form improvisation is a style that was developed in Chicago that allows for a deeper exploration of characters in a way that enables performers to dissect their relationships to a greater extent.

March 27 – April 7

Hollywouldn’t: The Improvised Movie! – The Improv Pit

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