The Long Pigs

by | Nov 14, 2023

Step into the Enigmatic World of ‘The Long Pigs’: a dark and hilarious theatrical experience. Prepare for a unique and immersive journey into the unexpected with ‘The Long Pigs,’ an audacious production by one of Australia’s most renowned theatre ensembles. This critically acclaimed troupe has unleashed a sinister and uproarious spectacle that pushes the boundaries of comedy and physical theatre.

In a world where the macabre reigns, you’ll be introduced to a trio of black-nosed, clowns with a chilling mission: to eliminate their red-nosed peers. Join us as we delve into a pig-eat-pig realm of exclusion, derision, and brutal humour. However, the count of the catch reveals all is not well. But wait, something is amiss – our sinister heroes are one nose short! Their quest for the elusive victim leads to a blend of the eerie and the absurd, taking you to even darker corners of their imagination.

The Long Pigs’ is not your ordinary theatrical performance. It’s a deep exploration of individuality, differences, and the fear of the ‘unknown stranger,’ as well as a stark commentary on ethnic cleansing. It dares to redefine gallows humour and delivers a profound and stylistically captivating experience that will have audiences both laughing and shuddering.

Having sold out in Melbourne and received rave reviews at prestigious international festivals, ‘The Long Pigs’ is directed by the talented Susie Dee, known for her work with Dee & Cornelius. The production boasts elegant set design, captivating soundscapes, and masterful lighting, all brought to life by the exceptional performances of our three protagonists.

Meet Nicci Wilks, Clare Bartholomew, and Mozes, each celebrated for their contributions to the world of physical circus, contemporary clowning, and physical comedy. Nicci, who has earned her place among Australian physical circus performers, is also featured in the critically acclaimed ‘SHIT’. Clare, a prominent contemporary clown artist, is known for her work with ‘Die Roten Punkte,’ and Mozes, an extraordinary aerialist and physical comedian, has left his mark with various award-winning companies and shows.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this darkly humorous and thought-provoking journey. ‘The Long Pigs’ promises an unforgettable night of entertainment that will leave you simultaneously laughing and contemplating the complexities of human nature. Get your tickets now and step into this captivating world.

November 29 – December 10

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