Theatre Works 2024

by | Dec 18, 2023

Theatre Works is thrilled to announce its 2024 season, an extensive and vibrant lineup featuring over 40 productions that underscore the richness of Australian theatre. This year’s programme is a testament to Theatre Works’ commitment to championing independent artists, diverse perspectives and unique forms.

Some highlights of the expansive 2024 include Andrew Bovell’s ‘Things I Know to be True,’ a poignant exploration of family and identity, directed by the acclaimed Kitan Petkovski. Theatre Works also welcomes the return of Ariette Taylor to Melbourne stages with the Victorian Theatre Company’s ‘This Room Holds Her Memory,’ a thought-provoking piece by Laura Lethlean. ‘La Belle Epoque’ by Future D Fidel, the writer behind the Australian hit ‘Prize Fighter.’ A compelling new work that interweaves personal experiences with the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jodi Gallagher’s fresh take on Ibsen’s classic ‘Ghosts,’ directed by Steven Mitchell Wright, is set to be a visually stunning and emotionally captivating experience. Television’s Mad as Hell actor, Francis Greenslade is in the writer and director seats for ‘Platypus’, a unique and introspective look at relationships.

Theatre Works’ 2024 celebrates partnerships with innovative independent companies and artists, including Frenzy Theatre Co, The Danger Ensemble, Rawcus, Lab Kelpie, Rodrigo Calderón and Lyric Opera to name a few. These collaborations reflect Theatre Works’ dedication to fostering a broad range of artistic expressions.

This season also houses two new initiatives for Theatre Works, Sooo Fresh Summer Fest, a summer festival championing three early-career artists and their works as well as, the Early Career Artist Program, an intensive training program for recent graduates in theatre creation and producing.

The season is a celebration of Theatre Works’ role as a nurturing space for artists at all career stages and as a hub for experimentation and development in theatre. It promises to be a year filled with Australian voices, reimagined classics, and bold new ideas that resonate with contemporary life and the transformative power of theatre.

Image: Morgan Roberts

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